“A man could spend the rest of his life trying to remember what he shouldn’t have said.” [John Garfield in “Force of Evil” (1948)]

When I decided to start this blog it was because so many people over the years told me that I should pontificate online since I supposedly knew so much about movies in general. Personally, I think it was because I was extremely and outrageously vocal about my likes and dislikes which at times elicited more than a little reaction from friend and foe alike.  The reason I did not do this sooner was: (1) I was lazy, (2) I had no time (3) a Neanderthal, Boo Radley, or a sea slug knew more about how to operate a computer or develop a blog than I did and (4) I was lazy (did I mention this again?).  However, due to inspired effort on my part I tackled the problem head on and triumphed.  In other words, I asked my wife to help me.

So here we are.  Now I’m sure you are curious as to my background in film and TV lore.  Did I get a degree or take classes in any film or media program at a university?  No!  Did I know anyone or just worked in some capacity in the motion picture or TV industry?  No!  Have I ever done any amateur or professional acting?  Only during job interviews!  So where did I develop my interest or so called knowledge which, in the future, you may respond either through mild comments, colorful colloquialisms as Mr. Spock would say or bomb throwing rage?  Why, by watching a heck of a lot of movies and TV you Dummy.

I did this at an early age. My parents were once able to obtain tickets to the world premiere of “Around the World in Eighty Days” in New York City in 1956 where my only memory of the event was my waking up in their arms when the Indians attacked David Niven and company on a railroad train.  The rest of the movie was forgettable (and “The Searchers” was the best God -Damned movie of that year, not that three-hour whale turd with Mexican Cantinflas playing a Frenchman and Shirley MacLaine with a bad suntan pretending she was from India)!

Otherwise, I also found out that I had a unique ability to remember numerous facts, dates, names, etc. concerning film, TV, or other subjects that interested me.  Of course, none of this was of actual help in my obtaining and holding a job.  However, ultimately, I did make a living and I continued cultivating my love of films and TV up to the present day.

Now enough about me.  To expand upon what this blog is all about, it is not necessarily a movie review blog.  You want to know stuff about the camera angles for the latest “Creed” movie, go someplace else.  I will not necessarily only discuss movies (even though the blog front says film comment and criticism).  TV will fall into the discussion at times along with theater stuff too. 

Topics may be quite unusual.  There once was a “Cheers” episode where the guys at the bar had a contest for the sweatiest movie of all time (I think one of them picked “Body Heat” which would have been my number one choice).  Stuff like this might be found here although I would have probably had a contest for the sweatiest actor or actress of all time. Here my pick would have been Edmond O’Brien hands down.  He used to sweat so much that he could have re-floated the Titanic all by himself in the Sahara Desert if he could have just sat under it.

I may also bring up actors/actresses, directors, etc. that not a lot of you know about.  Usually it will be for praise but I certainly will have no qualms about verbally bashing them with a shovel if I feel they deserve it.  Also, I will discuss older film stuff a lot (I’m of that generation).

My blog posts will be once a month (Hey I have a life too)!  Posts may be short or they may stretch out very long.  Pictures, videos, other internet sites with additional information, etc. may be in my posts in the future but for now, this is as good as it gets (maybe Mr. Robot can help me when his last season is finished this year).

One last thing and then I’ll retreat into my video cave.  I will make mistakes.  I will get facts wrong.  I will maybe say the wrong thing at times.  My views may really upset you (like the three most overrated ass-hole big name directors of all time are Stanley Kubrick, Orson Welles and Robert Altman for instance).  If I make mistakes of fact (not opinion), please point them out. If you want me to explain why I have certain opinions, well, sorry, but I probably won’t answer comments and will not necessarily explain my view unless it’s to justify a specific blog topic.

Above all, this blog is to have fun and it’s my hope that you will enjoy my views/info. about film and TV.

Talk with you soon,


4 thoughts on “Blog Manifesto

  1. You definitely right about Altman, probably right about Welles, but I’m too much a fan of “Dr. Strangelove” to say your right about Kubrick (although he was a big ass-hole).

    Congratulations and good luck on the blog!


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